Offers for Investors

Rental Income Guarantee for Investors!

Investors are welcome to purchase one or more apartments or terrace houses, not for the purpose of living there but to create a steady income stream from renting out these units to residents.

The purchase is based on lease terms. However, investors will enjoy a 30-year lease and the option of renewal for another 30 years. The lease will be registered with the relevant Land Registry Office.

As an investor, you will not have the burden of having to find tenants as the Management Company, which is in charge of operations with regard to the DIFFERENCE RESIDENCE, will rent out these units to residents. You just sit back, relax, and enjoy a rental income for your unit/s for many years.

There is more to consider. The prices of units will increase over time. As you have the option to sell your rights on the unit to a third party you will not only have a guaranteed 8% interest income for many years but you can as well gain from the increase and sell your unit for a higher price.

Please contact us for more details regarding investing in DIFFERENCE RESIDENCE apartments or terrace houses.