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The DIFFERENCE REHAB CENTER will be the tour de force of the DIFFERENCE RESIDENCE covering a huge part of the total area.

We offer our residents and everyone else who needs rehab the most sophisticated technology (such as AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill, Armeoet al). There will be a team of specialists who provide rehabilitative care to people with chronic pulmonary disease and their families. The team includes physiotherapists, fully trained medical staff and other doctors from countries, such as Germany who are leading countries in Rehabilitation.

We also include TELEMEDICINE as a future tool to reduce costs and connect to more people. Compelling evidence shows that telemedicine does work for a wide range of conditions if the process is structured in the right way.

We will be working not only with doctors from countries as Austria, Germany, Switzerland, etc. who will use our facilities for rehab patients who need facilities we provide or want to enjoy their rehab-time in a country which offers a lot more for less. We will also be liaising with every doctor in Thailand or other countries who needs rehab-facilities for his/her patients. 

We offer different packages catering to the needs of rehab patients, starting from a 4-days/3-night stay to a 1-month stay or as long as necessary. 

Our facilities include a state-of-the-art clinic, nursing service, ambulance, emergency rooms, medical massage, etc. Furthermore, our spacious residence including a huge forest garden with plenty of trees, Difference Lagoon, waterfalls, seating areas, garden gym, jogging path, etc.

We provide many different forms of accommodations such as apartments, villas, terrace houses and have restaurants, shops, and other facilities to accommodate rehab-patients. There is as well a 50-room hotel for patients who like or need to stay near to the medical facilities. 

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