Repurchase Guarantee

Generally speaking, any resident who purchases an apartment, terrace house or villa pays for the right of personal use of the specific unit, the transfer of his/her rights is not permitted except to a spouse or common marriage partner. You have as well the option to pass on your rights to any heir. Anyhow, should a resident decides just to go back to his/her home country or simply want to sell his/her unit the development company will guarantee to buy back the unit for the same price the resident has paid for it. However, upon amortisation, as specified on the website.

Buying back a unit from a resident will result in deducting a certain percentage from the original purchase price on a year by year basis. If a resident decides to sell his/her unit to the development company after living in the unit, for example, for two years 35% of the original purchase price will be deducted.




1 20
2 15
3 to 5 5 Per Year
6 to 30 2 Per Year
30 0