Retirement Planning

You might feel that you are too young to join the DIFFERENCE RESIDENCE as a resident, however, the time might come when you want or need the services we offer.

Why not invest in your future as a retiree by purchasing a unit now and let the DIFFERENCE management company rent it out on your behalf? In that case, you purchase your unit under our "Retirement Planning" concept and can enjoy a rental income as long as you want. The income stream will repay your investment, either in part or toto, and if you decide to stay yourself later in life your unit might be fully paid for by then.

There is more good news. If you purchase a unit it will be on a 30 years lease basis. However, if the time comes and you decide to join us as a resident there will be a new 30 years lease agreement for the unit you have purchased, starting with the day you move in. There will be no costs involved beside of a one-time administartion fee of 40,000.00 THB.