As a resident of the DIFFERENCE RESIDENCE you have two options to choose from:

1. Renting an apartment, terrace house or villa for a certain time (minimum one year).

2. Purchasing an apartment, terrace house or villa on a 30 years lease basis with an option to extend.

Rent Your Home​

Renting is on a yearly basis and rental fees have to be paid, in advance, year by year. Furthermore, a deposit of 2 months of the rental price has to be provided upfront and will be returned, in full or in parts, after the tenant has moved out of the rented unit and the management has checked for damages.

Rental fees for apartments start at 20,000 Baht (approximately 530 Euro) per month for a 40 square meter apartment and with 34,000 Baht (approximately 900 Euro) per month for a 64 square meter one-bedroom apartment. 90 square meter apartments are not available for rent. Rental fees for houses start at 45,000 Baht (approximately 1,180 Euro) per month for a 90 square meter terrace house and with 60,000 Baht (approximately 1,575 Euro) per month for a 120 square meter villa.

Included in the monthly rental fee are maintenance, daily cleaning of the unit, linen and towel service (changed 3 times a week) electric, water, and the Internet.

Should a tenant decide to change from rent to purchase, he or she can do so and all rental fees already paid will be considered as down payment except for one month's pay which will cover administration cost arising due to the change.

The tenant will be a member of the “DIFFERENCE CLUB” as long as he/she lives in the rented unit and can choose the membership card according to the needs and enjoy the same rights as all other residents.

Purchase Your Home

The purchase will be on a lease basis as stated in the "Concept", with the unlimited and exclusive right of use of the specific unit for the entire time. 

Prices are different and depend on the size and location (Floor) of the specific unit. For details of purchase prices please refer to “Prices” on the bottom of the menu bar.